Internship Title R&D Intern B (2 Posts)
Employer Crystal Pharmatech
Department R&D Dept.
Location B4-101, Biobay, 218 Xinghu Street, Suzhou Industrial Park, Suzhou, China, 215123
Working Language Chinese/English
Start Date 2021.12.07
Duration 3 months and above
Internship Stipend RMB 2000-3000 per month(pretax, for less than 6-month internship), with meal allowance RMB 500 per month; Work meals and accommodation are not provided
SIP Internship Base Yes
Employer Profile Crystal Pharmatech is a technology-driven research organization that focuses on materials science and engineering for drug development, striving to be one of the global leaders in the field. Founded in 2010, with operations in Suzhou (China) and New Jersey (USA), Crystal Pharmatech has collaborated with more than 500 pharmaceutical companies globally and worked on over 1000 molecules. With quality and speed, we partner with clients to ensure comprehensive solutions for their needs in solid form research, crystallization process development, and preformulation studies, to help clients in efficient and effective drug development. As we continue to grow, Crystal Pharmatech will always keep the mission to help clients develop high quality medicines and maximize the value of their assets using our specialized expertise and capability.
Official Website
1. To operate the instruments related to solid-state research correctly; 2. To set up screening experiments, collect sample characterization data, and make an accurate record of experiments; 3. To perform data analysis and prepare project updates and reports; 4. To follow company rules and regulations.
Required Education
1. Major requirements: Science and engineering (Chemistry, Pharmaceutical, Biology, Material, etc.) 2. Grade: Sophomore/Senior Year/Graduate One/Graduate Two
Essential Qualifications
1. The major related to the science and engineering (Chemistry, Pharmaceutical, Biology, Material, etc.) is preferred; 2. To be realistic, optimistic, and interested in research work; 3. To possess good capacity for learning and strong sense of responsibility for work.
1. Physical check is required; 2. Do not accept remote intern if travelling is banned amid COVID-19.