2021 Suzhou Industrial Park Global Internship Program 


Suzhou Industrial Park Global Internship Program (SIPGIP) provides a valuable opportunity for enrolled students from overseas partner universities to enrich international internship experience in Suzhou Industrial Park (SIP), one of the leading National Economic and Technological Development Zones and fastest-growing areas of China. Serving as an important approach to attract high-level young talents from all around the world, the program offers various high-quality internship placements from major industries within SIP, including machinery manufacturing, electronic information, biomedicine, nanotechnology, etc. SIPGIP interns are supposed to conduct full-time work in host organizations with essential on-the-job training and monthly stipend given.

2021 SIPGIP is a collaboration with the University of Sydney Centre in China to introduce undergraduate and postgraduate students from the University of Sydney to SIP as international interns from December 2021 to February 2022, which allows interns to expose themselves with the local business landscape, gaining hands-on experiences and work-ready skills and building peer and professional networks in SIP. This year's program offers a total of 31 positions from 13 recruiters in SIP and the application deadline is September 11st, 2021.

To encourage outstanding young talents to SIP, interns from the world's top 100 universities with no less than 4-month internship duration is eligible to apply for SIP Internship Allowance for ¥2,000 per month for 4-6 consecutive months if the hosting company is a qualified SIP internship base. For fullest details, please visit https://www.siphrd.com/html/sxjd/comapply.


Program Timeline

 Application period                         

 Aug.29 - Sep.11, 2021

 Interviews and decision notification

 Sep.18 - Nov.5, 2021

 Confirmation of intern acceptance

 Oct.16- Nov.14, 2021

 Program induction session

 Dec.6, 2021

 Start date

 Dec.7, 2021

 End date

 Feb 28, 2022



2021 SIPGIP applicants must meet the following criteria:

● Currently enrolled in an undergraduate or postgraduate program at the University of Sydney;

● Able to finance privately for costs of insurance, transportation, housing, meals and other living expenses during the internship period, in view of the internship stipend is unlikely to cover the total costs;

● Considering the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and border control measures of mainland China, prospective candidates must be able to arrive in Suzhou before the start date of the internship;

● Any other criteria requested by the University of Sydney Centre in China.


How to Apply

SIPGIP applications are requested to be submitted online with required documentation before the deadline.

2021 SIPGIP applications will be filed via an external webpage provided by the University of Sydney Centre in China. Please click here for more details.

You are encouraged to check the program overview, detailed information concerning positions and employers posted on our website before starting your application.


Contact Us

Should you have any enquiries, please feel free to contact the program coordinator of SIPHRD at liujj@siphrd.com.